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Wood Rot Repair

Protect Your Home With Our Help The Dangers of Wood Rot

Homes in Cary, Raleigh and Durham are susceptible to certain damages if the homeowner is not careful and watchful. One of the most common problems is wood rot, which can affect trim, windows, doors, siding and any other area of your home. At Jam Carolina Exteriors, we are proud to offer wood rot repair because we understand all the time, money and love you have invested in your beautiful home.

The Dangers of Wood Rot

Rotting wood is not as easy to spot as more common home problems. It can often be spotted by crumbly, brittle or soft wood, and it can spread quickly if it is not taken care of right away. Fungi and rot are also noticeable because there may be a discoloration in the wood. Wood rot can spread quickly, so the first time you notice the problem, call our experts immediately for spot repair on each area.

Homeowners should inspect their home twice a year in a damp climate to determine if rot repair is needed. Small problems can lead to serious issues down the road, and it is easier and more affordable to head the issue off before it spreads. Any cracks in sealant or paint should be repaired immediately because even tiny cracks can allow water in to damage wooden areas.

A Solution That Stops the Problem Before It Starts

To help our customers prevent wood rot before it is even an issue, we use only non-rot materials when we are dealing with damaged areas. These include PVC products and James Hardie fiber cement siding, which reduce maintenance costs and can prevent future wood rot issues. We use wood when it looks good with the surrounding structures or is needed for structural support, but we focus primarily on products that help contain and prevent the problem.

If you need wood rot repair for your entire home or spot repair for a problem that is just starting, call us at Jam Carolina Exteriors. Our number is (919) 424-1933, or you can request a call when you fill out our online contact form.